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Information for Health Providers

Trainings for clinics and health professionals about Transgeder clients. Transgender clients in your area are seeking medical providers, but without education, your clinic may be missing this population. This training is for anyone from the front desk staff to doctors within the clinic. These trainings are free (donations are welcome) to the clinics.  Book now in the contact section.  


Community Support Groups

The Galveston transgender support group started in September 2017 to help bring the transgender community together and create a support network. The group meets twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Tags: Transgender in Galveston, Support in Galveston


Community Funding

This fund is created to help the trans support group in Galveston. This fund helps people with their health appointments, medication, surgeries, name changes, and more. 

Have an idea for fundraising? Contact us!



First Tuesdays Meetings

The first Tuesdays of every month are open for anyone who would like to attend. We encourage support systems such as family, friends, coworkers, etc, to join us for our meeting. 


Third Tuesday Meetings

The third Tuesdays of every month are closed meetings specifically for the transgender community. Although we appreciate support systems, these meetings were created for the community to be an open space for their concerns and to share in a closed environment. 

For the community who supports us- PFLAG Galveston is forming and will be meeting at the same time we hold closed meetings. For more information, follow our social media or reach out to us!


Monthly Socials

Monthly socials are planned as needed and by the group. Location, time, and events are determined at least a week in advance and are open to suggestions. 

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Trans Support Galveston

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Meetings every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays